A cat out of the frame



Jan 03, 2018

On a cold January night 11 o’ clock from my work, I reached home. The main gate, its always open because I work night shift. I reached for the door, knocked it. I don’t like ringing bells in the night as it disrupts the peace. The dogs next door are always there waiting for the pin to drop, their reasoning for the chaos they bring. I think it happens all around the globe, more likely in the night when it its quiet. I didn’t want the dogs to be alarmed and just because I wanted it that way I moved with a little bit of stealth. One wrong move and and the houses would descend into entropy.

There was no answer to my call. I knocked it again, ”aaye ekchin” ( a moment, I’m coming), my mom answered. I know it can be so annoying, being summoned just to open the door while you’re deep in your sleep and perhaps in the midst of a wonderful dream. Leaving the comfort of the warm bed in a cold winter night, this sucks so much. This is why I always let her take her time and wait. Sometimes she falls asleep again.

So in the meantime, I started taking photos of the yard. I was just trying to frame a photo. My friends at work, Sudeep, Rishi and sometimes Bipin often talk about photo and video related things.. Listening their interesting photography talks and sometimes eavesdropping is what grew my interest in photography.

I was also introduced to a local photographer by the name PhotoKhichuwa (one who loves taking pictures). He has this knack at capturing some regular objects that are seen everyday, and the portraits of locals in action, in such a way that it adds life to the photos. One can find his passion for his work from his photos which stands for itself. The bottom line is that his way of seeing things and capturing it in a his own way changed my perception towards photography.

Thanks to Sudeep I gotta know such a wonderful artist. Also its because of him I  now know some two or three things about photography. One of the thing I got to learn from him was this rule of third, so keeping that in mind I started taking random photos. All I wanted was a good frame.

I was just getting started and a thought came to my mind, Seeing my endeavors with these strange angles anyone could have questioned my intentions. It was almost midnight and I was there being a weirdo. No sane person would have done it. Will they take me for some crazy guy or a thief in the worst case scenario? I thought. Sometimes even when I’m in a simple situation, I tend to overthink, only to make it worse for myself. Despite these thoughts I carried on. And the door was yet to open, no one had come for the door.

Dead set on my mission. Until and unless I was satisfied with a decent shot I would carry on with this task. I made a commitment there. Then came this cat out of the darkness. Yellow glowing eyes, black in color, it moved swiftly. This had my attention as it stopped on every meter it moved. In my country where we still talk about black cats being associated with a witch and her spells. Black cats here is an ominous sign. I know of some people who would freak out seeing a black cat in a similar situation like this one. But that is not who I am.

After seeing the cat I aborted what I was so committed to, for another side quest. So much for me being dead set on a good frame. I was there trying to take a quick snap of this cat regardless of the frame. I could only take one shot which wasn’t blurry. It wasn’t enough. I wanted more. The funny thing is that, this cat powered by agility had cat like reflexes. While moving ahead it stopped for a second and there I tried my luck but to my dismay, in a blink of an eye the cat would have had its position changed. It became interesting and challenging at the same time. I could feel that wild life photographer in me. But the cat left the scene, Apparently the cat was screaming from the top of its lungs whose your daddy huh ??

Now I wanted a shot more badly, I followed it across the wall but it was nowhere to be found. I snapped out of it when I found myself climbing the wall in pursuit of the cat. I knocked the door again with more effort this time. The door opened after some time.

On my bed I questioned to myself what in the blue hell was I doing, following a nocturnal creature in the dark?? It was cold out there. And then thought how quickly things escalated. I was only there for a frame and how I winded up failing at both my endeavors.

This is totally me, Am I crazy enough?
Thanks for reading.

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