Dark was her heart but now I see her color
Despite her warnings, I’ve fallen for her.

This calling. I find it hard to ignore
This tempting heart asks for more.

Her beauty I try to defend
To be taken by some other in the end.

A journey of a hundred mile
A thousand death on her radiant smile.

As she paints the sunshine on her face
A prophecy arrives, our fate sealed in a different place.

Her daggers have pierced me deep
Her memories as souvenir on which I shall weep.

Image credit – 12019

29 thoughts on “INCEPTION

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  1. The passion with which you write, the emotions that blaze, make me realize so much more than what I already do. I know that you know that this is much more than what we both could have expected on a cold winter day in this planet rogue while we were still hung up over promises kept. I love your writing and I mean it with all my dark-coloured heart.

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    1. I’m honoured to have this attention. I really am. Thank you so much for that commet.
      Yes I read one of your poem recently. And I liked it, I even shared it with my co-worker who sat next to me.


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