Life right now so much fun
Come, catch up with me in this run.
Stay with me for all my turns
A beautiful sunrise awaits my dawn.

Gentle winds, guide me please
Flying high, my thirst for bliss.
Blown away, such gentle kiss
Harbored I am from the devil’s reach.

Life by now you know I run
From my own shadows, seeking the sun.
I’ll halt now if you too pause
I’ll let your dawn kiss my dusk.

Clement breeze, guide this sail
We’ll soar high, come what gale
Propelled by a communion so real
No devil can reach us even if we fail,



This poem is basically about happy aspects of life. This was my first collaboration.
I am thankful to Nandita for taking me in.  You are an excellent writer who never fails to amuse me with your poetry.

cover image credit – joergip31


63 thoughts on “Earthshine

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      1. Last two are hers 🙂 She already told that on her blog. 😉 But I would have still known even if she hasn’t told. She is my favourite and love too ❤

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      2. wow, you’re more excited than I am. So I will definitely do that again. I have a distinctive style of writing. Nandita on the other hand is unpredictable. That makes me an easy target.

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  1. That was wonderful!!

    This really hits. I know what it’s like to have a darkness try to chase you but you’re so happy and in love that it can never catch you.

    That’s true happiness. Reading this helps put my own happiness in perspective. There’s a wonder in this poem that shines bright. Like a child playing in their own imagination, happiness isn’t an effort, it just is.


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    1. Rose, Im glad to see you here. I wrote the first two verse. I was overwhelmed with happiness when I wrote it. ‘True happiness’ Im glad you bought it. You absolutely nailed it.
      Happiness can be short lived. I was able to capture this happiness with my pen like a photographer capturing that perfect shot.
      Thank you Rose for sharing your thoughts. ( It felt too formal, lols, thank you part).

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  2. The art piece stands alone for me. It’s epic. The poem doesn’t seem to fit with the art, or does it? Anyways, that’s an inquiry i’m finding. Right now, I like visual art to be stand alone, for it is already scene waiting to be unfurled by a fertile and free imagination. Poems seem dishonorable to the moment as the depth of focal investment required for the art piece is very much available and real. I say, one or the other, but hey, that’s me!

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      1. You’re kind to say that, buddy. The truth is I like many others like reading you… keep up the good work.:-)

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    1. Thank you for taking the time visiting my blog and for that beautiful comment. It means so much. 🙂
      Comments like this can be so inspiring. I am glad to have you here on my blog 🙂


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