The sin of a misplaced hope

Dust me off your skin
Let no traces remain
Wash my smell off your mind
Wash your hands of this sin

Don’t catch my pieces
Don’t put me in a frame
Don’t string my words
Just erase my name

There is no one
Who loves you more than I do
But don’t even give that a thought
I cannot live up to this love

Like a wildfire, you let it spread all over you
I’ll be gone by the day, I’m just your morning dew
So let me love you from afar
You don’t need to know, the plight of this undeserving heart.

Inspiration Nandita
Image credit emaago88

70 thoughts on “The sin of a misplaced hope

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      1. Only one, Andrew. The very one where you kicked off your shoes, had a cognac and then suffered from amnesia. Lol. You’d make such a charming stalker!


  1. A fresh departure from your usual style, I’m happy to have inspired this piece. The true growth of a poet happens only when he/she expands his/her style, motifs, devices, and so on. I see you have experimented here with not just the structure but the diction as well, and done it rather well. And I being a genuine devotee of Poetry, can only pray that the Muse of Poetry continues to bless you. And as I’m want to do, here is a little verse back to you:

    See how the half light cuts
    Obliterating all ifs and buts
    Wear my love in your heart
    And we will never be apart

    Stay with me till morning light
    Go then if you must, I won’t put up a fight
    Just let me swallow your morning dew
    You’ll be glowing as twilight in me, so I won’t rue

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    1. Thank you for observing me, reviewing my style of writing and all. I am blessed to have the attention of a poetess who inspires so many writers. Thanks for your time and effort.
      And the reply verse, you are an interesting person. That there was the best thing. I really appreciate you.

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  2. Ankit, this heart-breakingly beautiful.

    It’s romantic yet tragic. And I love every line.
    It’s that “undeserving/unrequitedlove” theme that always gets me in the heart.

    This is truly beautiful. Really. Beautiful work my dear friend. ❤

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      1. That’s great! 5 nominations really is a proof of how great of a writer you are! How about do a one single post with all them 5 nominations? Hmm?

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      1. Whatever the amount of emotion as long as it’s authentic, it’s golden. And yours is, hence all the support I see above.

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      2. I appreciate those kind words. It means so much.
        I’ve been investing those emotions on my poems. I guess its paying off.
        I am thankful for all of the support thar Im getting. Thanks again for that wonderful comment.

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