Our ways go separate
They cross like vines.
Been craving for something
Which couldn’t be mine.

The story ends, days and months old
Cannot revive, the life you stole.
Love the pain, torments my soul
My big heart with a bigger hole.

Love from the will of iron I forged
Reimbursed by suffering, sadness overdosed
Question to self, what could be worse
As she walked by with no remorse

Fruitless endeavors, criminal of hers
Oh lord! You’ve blessed me with a curse.

Image credits – MabelAmber

35 thoughts on “Cursed

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  1. Broken. That’s the only word I can come up with is broken.

    It’s a tragedy filled with so much love. It saddens me yet your blatant description of what is and what was, leaves me eerily optimistic. As if you understand and accept reality and all that’s left to do is move on.

    Good stuff Kit.

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    1. You know it should have been “You have blessed ME with a curse.” I just saw that. I should be more careful. Its an old one. I wrote it a year ago.
      Anyway I appreciate your words. Thank you πŸ™‚


      1. I kinda understood it with the “me” omitted, but I guess it is indeed clearer with the “me” there. Actually, when I first read that line, I thought it went, “You’re blessed with a curse,” which is a different message altogether, but I think is an interesting idea as well.

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