Of hopes & February II

They say “give it to time, everything shall heal.”
Upheavel, my dead wish, deep resentment to that feel.
For too long I’ve been following the wise.
On a false hope, one fine day my sun shall rise.

The sin of a misplaced hope, everything’s so deceiving.
Check my pulse, check my signs, would you consider me living?
The reality kicks hard, I am reminded in every move.
So I stay dead, dead under my roof.

Besieged by treachery, I writhe in discomfort.
Send an emissary, I was dearly holding onto my north.
For a new hope that was misplaced.
But hey, I’ll be easily replaced.

Murder my dreams, poison my wishes
You could try but I’m never collecting these pieces.
A chilling touch I embrace every February.
Scheduling life desolate and solitary.


Here’s the first part –Β Of hopes & February


49 thoughts on “Of hopes & February II

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    1. Hi Rishhu, this one is about my hopes in February. I have series of bad memories with this month. Everything looks ominous from here. Around this time of year I am always blessed with the bad vibes. To me Feb brings chaos and by the end It leaves me hopeless and depressed. I thought it would be different this year but I was wrong. So I decided to write about it.
      I hope that will help you with my poem.

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      1. Thanks for the explanation, buddy. Hmmm. Okay! 😊
        Hopes and dreams! They should and shouldn’t end. Try staying positive, man! Godbless.


  1. How do you manage to do this!! This is sooo deep and touching!! I could not resist myself reading it again and again… clearly reflects true pain…..Keep writing!

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