Dianna – A song (original)

Sharing my 4th song.
This is my artwork for Dianna. While I’m not sure, I might consider using different artwork for every other song.  This statement here will get my lazy ass to work lol.

I appreciate and welcome all sorts of feedback.

Dianna encouraged Antsafanou to write this beautiful piece Nostalgic. This means so much. I thank you once again.


44 thoughts on “Dianna – A song (original)

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    1. sorry the first comment was accidentally sent unfinished. I just wanted to say this sounds beautiful and makes me think of lazy afternoons in bed content about life and letting the mind travel into an unknown destination. You already know what I think about the painting 🙂

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      1. Its okay It happens with everybody.
        Thank you for letting me know what my song made you feel. It means so much when you can influence someone with your creation.
        And I always do that wandering into the unknown. It’s a healthy thing to do.

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    1. I am thankful for having you to watch and comment on my progress. This means so much to someone like me.
      Also I rerecorded Spring, added notes for 2nd guitar. I’ll put it up here soon.
      Again I want to thank you for everything.


    1. Hello Katy, Thank you for introducing me to the realm of painting lols.. I got the inspiration from you. I’ve been doing some other paintings. I want to try something different for my 5th song. I’ll use my paintings as a psuedo video/animation. I hope it goes well.

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      1. How fun! That’s very kind of You. I’m honored that I inspired You. You paint so beautifully with Your words that I don’t think You needed much inspiration! And Yay! I bet it will go very well! Have a blast creating and Cheers!!! 🤗 It will be wonderful seeing what You do….

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      2. Why are most of the bloggers that I know are so kind?? I always try to give them credit and before they leave they always make sure to give it back to me. hehehe.
        Have a bright sunny day Katy. Cheers 🙂

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      3. It’s true, isn’t it?!!! The same happens to me! I’m finding blogland to be a very supportive, nurturing realm of artists from all mediums who are like a wonderful vitamin drink on so many levels…from the art, thoughts and kindnesses they gift. Yay!!! 🤗 I hope You have a bright, sunny day as well, Ankit!!! Cheers and rock on!!! 💖☀️🐬

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