Melancholic Madness(Original Song Updated)


I tried to add some Melancholic tune with this and with the painting and my life lols.
This is my 3rd song. I don’t record songs in any order. Hope you guys will enjoy.

I appreciate and welcome all sorts of feedback. As always I had to compromise some quality, it’s because I used some third party site to mix my audio and painting.

Update – I changed the link, I had to update something.






37 thoughts on “Melancholic Madness(Original Song Updated)

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    1. Unfortunately, that is not my case. I just started sharing my music on facebook a week ago. Most of the people weren’t aware of my music or my guitar. hehe, I am laughing.
      Thank you my friend, always so kind and supportive you are.

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  1. Hey Ankit! That was absolutely beautiful and peaceful and soothing. I worked all day today at my friend’s shop. It was loud and crazy busy. Long day! Just sat down to return some emails and try to catch up a bit on blogland, which never seems to happen! So still had a rushrushrush vibe to me. Yours is literally the first post I opened. Like medicine. I stopped. Breathed. Listened. Calmed. Your music is truly lovely. And the painting is so cool. It took me halfway through the song to see the face in the mountainside! Just loved the whole thing. Thank You! And Cheers!!! πŸ˜Šβ˜€οΈπŸ¬

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    1. wow, How do I appreciate you for this… to be honest I don’t have words. And you have no idea how much I appreciate you right now.. This made my day.
      I never thought this song had such potential. Thank you so much for the appreciation, for the time and for everything Katy. I’m so delighted.
      The face on the mountain, glad you sad that. I was halfway through this.I did not do that intentionally at first, It just came to me, a sad looking face on the mountain.Then I tried my best to capture it without giving it much focus. I think this painting did justice this song.
      Don’t want to bring it again but guess I’ll forever be in your debt for introducing me to your art. That is where it all began.
      Cheers πŸ™‚

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