Dreamscape – (Song w/video)

Finally, I got something. But I had to start fresh.
The video is something like a slideshow. I used my art for it.
I had this concept while I was writing the solo for this song. Though the video isnt a big deal. I am really happy, I could give life to my concept.

Happy Friday.

A short one from my latest collab with Graci. This is my part.

Safely hiding In the corner,
In the days, I dream of lustful summer. 
When in the nights, stars above. 
I think of Dianna I think of love.

67 thoughts on “Dreamscape – (Song w/video)

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  1. Ankit, I love everything creative. Poetry, art, and music. Anything that man/woman create from their imagination. With that said, this amazing work demonstrates the depth of you as a person and the creative spectrum that encompasses your heart and soul. I know of no other blogger that has brought iot all together as you have.

    Bravo my friend. I know plenty of love, sweat, and tears went into this post. It was well worth the wait.

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    1. Wow Andrew. This is the nicest thing someone has ever said to me. So this time I’ll take it.
      I thank you from my heart for this wonderful praise. If it were a photo I would have framed it.
      This made my day.

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      1. I see, Im not trying to imply anything, but most of the things that we like is short lived or just not enough.
        Since there are no vocals. I made it short. I could have repeated some sections in a proper way but I had second thoughts. 🙂
        Thank you once again for the love Myrtle.

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      2. Yes, very true. When we like something, we get greedy, want it to last for a longer period of time. As a guitar lover (not player), I wanted to hear more of your music. I’m sure one day we can hear you sing, too. Repetitions are fine when accompanied with vocals. So, you did the right thing. It was short and sweet. Thank you so much for your reply. Keep shining, and blessing others with your touching music. Lots of love, Myrtle.

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      3. You are so sweet Myrtle.
        This means a lot, esp to someone like me.
        I am in my song mode these days. I am working on another one already. I might put a demo tomorrow. I cannot sing well. No I totally cant, but I will give it a shot. Thank you for everything Myrtle. You are so kind.

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  2. Hi Ankit! I am happy you finally posted this poem inspired by M. You did a great job on the animation. Of course the chords is so soothing. Plus the painting is beautiful as always. Keep the passion burning and keep sharing your talent to us (your followers) here in wp. 🙂🌻

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    1. Hello Graci, Im sorry, I used a part of our collab because there were stars.
      You know it feels so good to hear that. I used my art for the video. I could have done better. But im happy with it. I thank you for your encouraging words, and for supporting me with my songs.
      Inspired by M. I see it. Hahha. I’m smiling.

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      1. No need to say sorry Ankit. Ha ha. It is your poem. I only suggested some lines (which you can use or not). And you can post the whole poem of course. Yeah, I’m sure she’ll be happy, well she is, I saw her comment above. He he. Have a lovely weekend Ankit! 🌻

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  3. Ankit!!! This is SOOO wonderful!!!! I love the music so much!!! And the art as well….the video surprised me every time. It was cool having long spaces to absorb what was going on with them….and almost every move surprised me as my mind was writing something else! I’ve never seen a video like that and it’s super cool!!! Really loving the use of those same 2 people too. Like we are journeying with them. What a sweet story! Thank You and Cheers!!! 🙂 Rock on!

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    1. wow, I loved it. I am super delighted to hear that. Thank you Katy. For an artist it means so much. It really helps.
      Those 2 characters, must be me and my girlfriend. 🙂
      Cheers!! Have a bright sunny day. 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. You are so talented Ankit Thapa. I adore this work of art. The beat and the harmony relaxes my soul. My eyes were closed the whole time I was listening to this. Felt like I could feel you through this 😍

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    1. First, I want to thank you for visiting me after a long time. I am so glad.
      And wow, that is so nice of you. Since I did this all by myself. The quality isnt that good. I am so happy to hear that you could feel me despite the quality.
      Thank you for everything Rae. You are such a wonderful friend. 🙂

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    1. How do I thank you, Im already in your debt, Thank you thank you so so much. Most of my friends failed to notice this unique video. I had to remind them of the video, but you saw it at once. You just made me so happy Isha.

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