Hands In Others’ Gardens Interview Series – Ankit Thapa, Nepal

My first interview, ( I’m sorry for my typos, I did not see them.)

hands in the garden

Hello to all you WordPressers. This is the first edition at attempting an interview series with artists that I have tumbled upon during my late night online browsings.Β 

Blogger and author of the websiteΒ Despite My Deepest Thoughts, Ankit Thapa, from the Republic of Nepal is a humble and unassuming writer who packs so much truth and sadness into his art, songs and poetry that it comforts and haunts the soul in search. I am not sure that this sensitive and beautiful person has is aware of how touching his contributions are to his many followers.

Here is an example of one of his poems, as it appears on his site:

My Ashes


I had dreams I had hopes
I was almost there, I was so close.

This welcoming land, the sight so homely
Away for all these years, I felt so lonely.

A promising glimpse of…

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26 thoughts on “Hands In Others’ Gardens Interview Series – Ankit Thapa, Nepal

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  1. I loved the earthquake stories and the idea of freedom that the instrumental music gives, I couldn’t agree more to it. Great interview, awesome story! Keep on writing and make more songs and art! Well done πŸ˜‰

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  2. This is fantastic! Many congratulations. Read the interview and enjoyed your responses. Your tent answer appealed to me as you chose to look at a negative and unfortunate incident as a positive and happy one. Also, now I am intrigued to know your profession. And I so agree with the interviewer that you are such a ‘unique talent’!

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    1. Thank you for the appreciation. Unique talent, I think that is an overkill. πŸ™‚
      My profession, I work as a data specialist, now its something like freelancing, I just started teaching again, not in school, Im a seasonal private tutor, i love it, I teach little kids. Im thinking of establishing myself as a live musician. That would be my safe and ultimate backup. So everything is temporary. I wonder what you do for living, you get to travel so much.


      1. Not a overkill at all!
        I used to teach too many years ago….now I am into a variant of the same, where I design lessons for adults πŸ˜‰
        I am in corporate training and I design various types of training for employees. Travel is my hobby, I have always traveled. However, the way I travel has changed and it has become much more meaningful in the past two years!

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      1. OH MY GOSH!!! Lord! I promise I read it first time around but I don’t remember seeing my name so I guess I was in a hurry! Lord. Thank You Ankit! Just went back and reread it. Saw a lot of things I remembered but definitely saw me this time in it. THANK YOU! I’m sorry! Lord! I’m beyond honored. Please forgive me! πŸ™

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      2. It’s okay I can understand sometimes we miss things just like how we miss typos.. Im as thankful as you are. So no need to apologize. Seeing your comment here made me so happy. Cheers.

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