White ghost

To come so far, just to suffer on a distant shore
Bleak and barren, this land sucks life from every pore.
On this land you committed suicide,
Your ambition to see me die.

Love made, love now dead.
Sky high, trenches deep
My love,
How dare you forget??

26 thoughts on “White ghost

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      1. I understand Ankit. Such is life. I am getting habitual to losing people. What’s meant for us will find it’s way but I don’t know when😒

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      2. What hurts more is that we lost a part of ourselves with them, and we are never getting it back. I no longer chase things or people, I am kind of loving this isolation but who knows.

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  1. Places and people. And the memories made with them. It’s heartbreaking. I can feel how torn you are but thanks for using it to unleash your talent within. Keep on writing! β™₯️🀩

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