The farther I go, the closer it takes.
It’s with your memories my love
In a hundred pieces
My existence shatters, my heart breaks

What I’d do my love, It’s not easy, often thinking of erasing myself.
Silenced by my situation, my hands tied,
I’ll learn from my mistakes, I’ll mend the fences , it’s all pointless, you’ll never be here to observe the change.

When the voices resonates, these walls won’t prompt nothing but deafening silence.
Quietly this house weeps, these streets grieve,  mournful cries comes from the core. I want no part, I’ll skip the road, I’ll shut the door.
Will I learn to control what I cannot ignore?

Permeate my skin, You lived within, when love dies hearts resent,  left inside my head forever ingrained
Sympathize not, lover, you will be washed, like dust in the rain.



46 thoughts on “Apparition

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  1. God, Ankit. You are crystal clear. Raw. Right there in it and beautiful. Thank You for sharing Your heart so openly with us all. You have such a gift for expressing what You’re going through….sending much Love. ❤️

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  2. ‘What I’d do my love, It’s not easy, often thinking of erasing myself.’ – It’s a coincidence that I was wondering on the same thought this morning. ❤️
    The words made me cry.! Although beautifully written. Hope you are doing well.🌼

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  3. “I’ll learn from my mistakes, I’ll mend the fences , it’s all pointless, you’ll never be here to observe the change.”… pressed the long hidden nerves inside. Beautiful, beautiful poem Ankit…👏👍👍👍

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  4. Ankit, I hope this message does not annoy you in any way. And I hope my message find you in the best of spirits, First, I would like to apologize for losing contact with you. It always bothered me so much the way everything happened. Good friendships should always be treasured. At this moment, I can safely say I understand everything you tried to convey to me. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me and allow me to follow your lovely and creative blog again. If not, I understand. And I wish you all the best.

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  5. Oh Lord! This is soo very beautiful. Shows the depths where it’s coming from. What a great talent you are!

    I have to share something with you. Recently I had shared your blog with a friend. She’s a poet too and I’m a fan of her writings but she doesn’t blog. Here’s what she said about your poems – “That’s an awesome mind at work! A lot of depth, he seems to be a musician too, heard a couple of pieces, beautiful! Lovely talent there…..and so humble and engaging too.”

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    1. How do I thank you? Thank you for being so nice and sharing my blog with your friend. Such an honor. Thanks to your friend as well..
      Actually im in a bad bad situation right now, literally this poem is me, but Im trying my best keeping myself occupied. Thanks again.

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  6. Ankit, i love this work of art! Most especially the first and last stanza. I hope I could write as profoundly brilliant as you! Keep on writing, you are excellent at it 💖

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