Cosmos and Us

When andromeda shall merge with our universe When stars shall die and red dwarf shall burst When skies shall fall crushing everything into cosmic dust, When centuries shall pass and eons shall be gone Promise me of love, Like an inevitable fate cannot be undone like how we're promised of death when we're born  ... Continue Reading →

Melancholic Madness(Remake) Experimental remake of an older version, added bass and piano. Artwork credits  GRUMPYGORMAN Update 1 -  I changed the link, I had uploaded the wrong file yesterday. Update 2 - After giving it a lot of thoughts, I have considered recording it again fresh. I just remade it, because recording is the most boring process.... Continue Reading →

Bass in progress

Trying SIMPLE bass programming. There is a reason for the caps. This process was so frustrating but I was able to complete it.  I wish I had some musical friends.

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