Love in blue and black – A collab


A collaboration of poetry and music I did with my dear friend Short-prose-fiction

my love
i speak to you through centuries of pain
trees are spinning barren branches in the air
when loneliness rains on blue hills
i crush my heart
so yours can still beat
ocean waves embrace the moon’s pale chest
instead of tears
i shed naked pearls
so i can wash the effigy of your acoustic agony
and mend the painful scratches from your skin
with my imaginary fingers
in blue and black the time i bend
and no matter who i am
a human or a spirit
i swear to you
i’ll love you till the end.

Here is the music I did for this collab.

43 thoughts on “Love in blue and black – A collab

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  1. That was so wonderful. WOW! The words are so intense and haunting and the music/video….wow!!! I read the poem a few times and really loved how the music caught me off guard again and again…changing direction but soothing and winding around. The waves are mesmerizing. I have no idea how You did that…..what a treat this whole collaboration is! Thank You Both!!! 🙂

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    1. My friend spf is a true artist of words, she makes magic with words. And the music thank you Katy, I gave it a lot of time and attention, im so glad to see those praises, the video dosen’t belong go me. I had visualized a similiar scene. Its a free video I got it from some video site, they allowed me to use it commercially. Thank you Katy once again for all those praises. Cheers 🙂

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      1. That’s really wild as the video truly seemed to be dancing to Your music. Seriously!!! And there was a point where Your music took a turn and the waves seemed to shift another way. It’s wonderful coming along on Your musical journey…..and to see the beauty You and Your friends weave together. Magical indeed. I’ll have to check her out! 🙂

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      2. Dear Katy, it seems that you gave it some of your precious time and attention to notice the waves turning around, actually the video clip was rather short and I had to turn the waves without disrupting the flow of the clip itself.
        And its a good decision to visit her, she is too good with her prose and poetry.

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  2. I read the artistic poem without the music and needless to say, loved it – and then I read it with the music and was completely transported and mesmerised… Oh wow! Do post more music, Ankit.

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