Forgotten pages

You read, you write, you fail to connect,
I am the chapter you erased.
No meaning to these blank spaces.
For this character comfortably depressed.

For years these pages shall remain blank
No writer shall bring it back..
The impression on the pages of that golden plot.
The only evidence of our love.

36 thoughts on “Forgotten pages

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      1. Thanks Ankit, I am glad to be back too. I was on a mission in a small island for 3 months working with the humpback whales as it was the season. It was an amazing experience I would love to share later on wordpress. Now it s hard to get back on wordpress, I missed it but it s hard for me to write now.

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      2. I see, wow that sounds like so much fun. I hope you had a memorable one.
        Will you have this experience on your travel blog?
        For writing once you find the track you’ll be back in no time.

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      3. I hope to write about it soon yes but I have got so many things to finish in such a short period now. I am already back on the road from next week but I hope to have internet where I go so I can stay on wordpress

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