Scents of flowers and of salt (Poetry and music collab)

Very happy and excited to present you guys my/our first collab of its kind.
Working on this project with Short prose-fiction was such a great  experience.
I hope you’ll enjoy our combined efforts.

Music, production and arrangement – Ankit
Lyrics and recitation – Short prose-fiction

Pain is dripping from guitars
into sunsets with no end
pigeons guide ships lost at sea
tears drop from plumy skies…
love is blowing in the wind
scents of flowers and of salt

Listen to the night of oleanders
to the magic of the key which turns
take me to the kiss of no return
when the sky is turning blue
and we’re centuries apart
let me kneel in front of you

30 thoughts on “Scents of flowers and of salt (Poetry and music collab)

Add yours

  1. Ankit you’re so talented! The guitar was intense and mystical! And these lines –
    “take me to the kiss of no return 
    when the sky is turning blue 
    and we’re centuries apart 
    let me kneel in front of you”

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  2. WOW, Ankit and Short prose-fiction. This is SOOO beautiful….theatrical….the music, lyrics and reading are so wedded….absolutely haunting. This would make an incredible performance art live piece. Good Lord. Really great. Congrats, Cheers and Thank You Both!!! 🙂

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      1. OHHH!!!! YAY! I LOVE that You Two will be performing this live sometime. Lord. It’s going to be sooo cool. It will be lovely to see when You post video, which I’m insisting You do! 😄 But to be in the space with You and G. Sigh. It’s going to be a real treat for everyone there. I’m so happy for You and all You are doing!!! Sending huge hugs and high fives Your way, Sweet Ankit. Rock on!!! 🤗💖😊❤️☀️

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      1. You’re welcome Ankit. I stopped using wordpress for 3 weeks or so, had to attend some personal matters. Still a bit occupied now, once settled down on the new place, will be reading regularly in wordpress again. But I’m trying to catch up reading bit by bit these days.

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      2. I hope things are well and will settle down and come to their places soon for you. My best wishes are with you I missed Graci. And Its a good sign you are catching up. Im sure you have penned things on your recent events. 🙂 🙂

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      3. I missed you too Ankit and thank you very much. I’m sorry if I havent done about our collaboration. Just that my mind is stuck into some personal matters. I haven’t actually written much 😪. But yeah hopefully will be able to write soon.

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  3. This is sooo very beautiful, great talents at work here. Both the music and the recitation complimenting each other making for an enjoyable experience. Lyrics are as always deep and haunting. Great endeavour by both of you!

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