Up down and to the top (Khopra Danda)

I had been on a trek recently, here are some of the pictures in no order. WP did not let me put them in order after new uploads,

Last day, It was only during this trek after going through the pictures I realized that I had gained so much of weight.


Final destination, we had plans of going higher, there was a hidden lake, because the rooms were not booked for another day, we couldn’t make it.


The weather was cloudy, for 4 days we couldn’t see the mountains. how unfortunate.
The beginning


after 8 hours of climbing, I deserve it.



Day 4


This is what they use to heat the room, it got so hot that we had to leave the dining hall.


Dancer of our group
not sure what was I doing
photogenic hill
This was such a photogenic spot


up we go


After we took this pic, this place was full of fog.
Photo of a photo. This was on a wall of a restaurant.

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  1. Super awesome!! Such gorgeous photographs….the views of the mountains, God it’s to die for…..that suspended bridge looks great, did it shake while you walked on it?
    That thing, which heats the room, I have seen something similar at village homes in Spiti Valley but those were smaller and I do agree with you that they really make the entire house so warm. Not sure if you saw it in my post – https://neelstoria.wordpress.com/2017/10/13/spiti-valley-village-homestay-kibber-lhalung/
    The picture of the kids literally drips innocence, I love it!
    And, lastly looks like you had a wonderful time with your trek mates 🙂
    So happy to see these pictures 🙂

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    1. Thank you Neel, on our next trek I will be literally sitting on the lap of the mountain (Mardi Himal trek)
      There are so many suspended bridge over here. Im used to it. It used to be scary when I was younger but now whenever I get on it I know it is exciting.
      The heater, I have seen so many of these of different types, the one I used on Poonhill trek on Tadhapani was the most sophisticated. This one looks simple but it was effective. I’ll check yours. Thank you for reminding.
      The picture of the kids, the photo of the photo dose not do the justice, The frame was bigger. I took a moment there, and it was kept on such a spot that anyone passing by would notice it.
      Thank you once again Neel for the wonderful comment and for taking the time. 🙂


      1. So, when is this Mardi Himal trek happening. Lucky you. I anyways envy you for living in the lap of the Himalayas. Do share the Poonhill trek sometime. Would love to see it.

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      2. After 6 months with same group. Poonhill was 2 years ago, I don’t have any pictures of it now. Poonhill and Khopra are 2 days of trek apart, the view from Khopra is better than that of Poonhill. We took a different route this time or else we would have visited Poonhill.


  2. WOWOWOWOW!!!! Oh, Ankit!!! How fun, wonderful and absolutely mind-blowingly BEAUTIFUL. Good Lord. I can’t even imagine how it must feel to be in that scenary. SOOOO very happy You went trekking! You lifted my heart and got me all excited for when I go….which is still quite a ways away! Thank You for all the amazing picutures and for sharing this! Sending Huge hugs, high fives and super huge smiles!!! 🤗💖🌲☀️🌻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was refreshing, when we reached at the top, we were above the clouds. On our way up, we were greeted by the beautiful mountains, green hills and so many small waterfalls and so many groups of trekkers from around the globe. It was such an experience. I can’t wait for another lol. Thank you for taking the time and enjoying online trek lol. Take care, hugs to you dear Katy.

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      1. Ahhhh. Sounds absolutely AMAZING!!!! We are going to visit some friends who live in the mountains soon. It’s nothing like the beauty You posted….but it’s gorgeous in its own way. I can’t wait!!! It’s WONDERFUL to dodge out into nature for a while, isn’t it? And I thoroughly DID enjoy trekking with Y’all online! What a cool gift! May we all get to go more often!!! 🤗

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      2. so you are visiting the mountains, when you do please share some pictures with me. I know your long awaited trek is in 2020. We are planning to visit another mountain, early 2019 most probably. It is always a nice thing to live under the safe covers of the nature. Cheers. 🙂

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      3. Right? We are going up to a friend’s cabin, so it will be different than trekking; but I am very excited because my man hasn’t been up there yet. He’s going to absolutely flip! And their cabin is very near the head of the AT trail that I’ll be leaving to trek in 2020…so we’re taking him there for a hike near a beautiful waterfall! Both Bill (my man) and I are horrible about taking pictures. I probably wound up with the only other person on the planet as bad as I am! A friend of mine requested pictures and I laughed….but our sweet friends are REALLY good at it and if we end up with some I will certainly share with You!!! Love that Y’all already have another trip planned. Soooo cool!!! 🙂

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      4. Right?!! Any trip to the mountains is a gfit!!! I can’t wait. We’ll be up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I think! Gosh. I should know that! 😄 My mind is still blown from Your pictures. Are those the Himalayas? I’ve dreamt about trekking there and someday hope to. It all seems so magical and otherworldly. It’s beyond fun to actually know someone who lives around that kind of beauty! There are some crazy wonderful sights on this planet, aren’t there?

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      5. I’ll see that online. Im sure I have heard of it before. Yup those are Himalayas, mt Dhaulagari and back view mt Aanapurna. Bcoz it was cloudy I did not get to see my fav mountain thats fishtail mountain. The peak is like the tail.of the fish, so the name. Our planet is beautiful, beauty is equally distributed all around the globe.

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