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It has been a while i’ve not updated anything on my blog.
Here is what I was working on during that period.
This is my second collaboration (poetry and music) with my talented friend short-prose-fiction

lyrics and recitation: short-prose-fiction
music, production and arrangements : Me

Video : Videezy Skylent, bellergy, sbtlneet, O12


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      1. Just returned to blogging after six weeks off. I was off traveling the country. Doing well.

        Way behind on responding to my comments, I know I saw one from you asking how I was. Thank you for that. I appreciate your concern.

        Hope you are well. After hearing this beautiful collab, I can say you appear to be doing very well.

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      2. I hope you had a good one. Six weeks, that must me refreshing and tiring at the same time.
        Yup I did ask you, you must have a backlog of comments.
        I’m well, living the busy life. Your six weeks of travelling, that was taunting lol.

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  1. I was actually wondering where you are, good to see you back and now I know what kept you busy.
    A beautiful work by both of you, both the background music and how you have presented it. The visuals of the video are just too good.

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    1. Thank you Neel for taking the time to go through our work.
      Recently I had seen a vlog, guys from Mumbai travelling to Pokhara and to Mustang, I had thought of sharing it with you but I forgot. I will share it to you when I visit your blog.

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  2. Well, Lord, Ankit and G, that slayed me with beauty. You cracked my heart wide open. Cried through the whole thing. The dance of Your wonderful, gentle music….G’s raw, sweet sweet voice and the video are beyond perfect. A love letter to us all. I felt this all the way through my body. Thank You both. God. I’m still crying. Lovely. Sending huge hugs both Of Your ways. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Dear Katy, I dont know how do I thank you, I dont have words,, cant even tell you how much I appreciate your words. I can only tell you that it made my day. But there is more and beyond that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Im sure G very happy and thankful as well.
      Wishing you a beautiful sunny day.

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  3. Hey, Ankit! I’m still back on Oct. 22 reading people’s posts. Sooo behind. I just came across Yours, ‘Wish’…it’s so heavy, sad, beautiful….relatable at times to all who read it. Anyway….see that You took it down but wanted to send much love, huge hugs and hopes that You are having a nice weekend. Your heart is amazing.

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    1. I’ve been so busy, haven’t had anything to compose anything except some musical composition. I’m working on my music but It’ll take time. i’ll complete the poetry tj’s inspiration soon. A beautiful Sunday to you dear Katy. 🙂

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