At the gates

As black and as ominous as the certain death
The chilling touch of bittersweet memories
Pushes her further to her grave

With this touch the curtains fall and so does her tears.
Her sleeping child,
Hush now, it has been years.

Intersecting paths just like theΒ vines.
Hands taken, hearts left behind
Dictated by fate, intervention divine.

Of hopes splintered in time
She writes of poetry of regrets and of laments
True love awaits at the gates

Photo byΒ Kym

25 thoughts on “At the gates

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  1. A very happy new year, Ankit. Happy to read your poetry after this long a time. It’s deep and beautiful as always. Hope your work is going on fine, must be keeping you really occupied πŸ™‚

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  2. Hey Ankit! Happy New Year!!! I hope You’ve had a wonderful EVERYTHING of late. This is so beautiful. Don’t know if You had TJ (Terry Jane, my boyfriend’s sister….or as she always put it, my sister-in-love) in mind when You wrote this…but wow. Lovely. Terry journeyed in hospice for five and a half weeks. The stories are multiple and so beyond anything I’d ever imagined could happen in a room like that. It was a bit longer than any of us had hoped as her pain worsened and at the end she was a bit out of it, thankfully. That’s hard to watch. But she passed over in her sleep at 2:20 in the morning on New Years Eve….holding her oldest daughters hand. All 3 of her children were in the room with her. We were told last night that her last breath was jagged and rough. Her daughter said, “It’s alright momma.” And she passed. Terry gifted me beyond belief. Everyone that came into that room. Or into her life, apparently….so many people. God. Gushing. Thank You for our conversations at the beginning of it all. You helped me process a room I’d not really been in before. Not like that. Sending HUGE hugs and a trillion wishes for things that make Your heart smile this year!!! Thank You, as always, for Your beautiful poetry! Cheers!!! πŸ€—πŸ’–β˜€οΈ

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    1. Hey Katy, thank you for sharing TJ’s final moment with me and for all other things that inspired me to pen a poetry. Through what you shared with me I became a part of it and it was such an honor and privilege to be acquainted the final moments of TJ’s life. As sad as the news of her passing is I am glad she breathed her last while being on her sleep with everyone around. I’m sure she is having a good time on the other side. This poetry here I wrote on different aprespective. Now I can see some of the lines that resonates with TJ’s story. Such a coicidence it is, or maybe just a different way of looking at the lines.. I do have a poetry inspired by TJ’s final moments. A simple message. God, that was such a rare experience. Thank you very much for sharing it with me.
      Happy new year to you Dear Katy, I hope it brings success and happiness jumping around you. Sending love and hugs. Cheers !!!!!
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  3. A poignant, amazing piece about a lost loved one. A great poem to return to the blogging world.

    Ankit, my friend. I hope you are well. It is so wonderful to have you back. Will you be posting regularly?
    How are things going with your music?

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    1. Thank you dear Andrew for your awesome review of my work. That is highly appreciated.

      Yes, I’ll be regular from this week. About my music, im glad you brought that. I’ll be continuing with our poetess friend. Whenever I get time to sit with my guitar I come up with something new. These days my schedules are so tight, managing time to record them is a challenge. Roughly I have are 6 completed pieces. Except for recording everything is going smooth. But I will find a way. Im positive.
      Thank you for asking my dear friend. Wishing you a very beautiful day. πŸ™‚


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