The Journey of Living

The Journey of Living                                                                               
Inspiration and dedication – TJ

A collaboration with Katy. Thank you so much Katy. This painting belongs to her. 

So fragile, so thin
wrapped in a bubble
This journey of living

On this moment, let go of sorrow.
This journey of living
Who knows of tomorrow.

Laughter dances tears
soft circles peel us
Broken body, sleep now
Our fingers slowly untwine….and yet
we hold each other all-ways
Who knows of tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “The Journey of Living

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  1. Hey Ankit! Thank You so much for getting the ball rolling on this. You are getting a lot of love over at my space. 🙂 And I had the oddest thing happen when I was posting! I posted our poem as we’d written. You first stanza, space, Your second, space, my first, space, my last, space. It looked regular in preview but when I posted, no matter how many times I erased and rewrote or how many spaces I added or no matter what I did, It slammed my 2 stanzas together when published! I see it’s the same over here! I decided that’s just how Terry Jane wanted it! 🤣

    Been crazy busy but read what You wrote about Your job! It’s nice You love Your work so much. That’s a huge gift.

    Hoping all is well and sending You huge hugs and lots of love! 🤗💖☀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I copied from you, all of our words were here and there in the mail. Just like yours, it got messy. I was worried it was too late. I rushed. Terry wanted it that way I guess. Thank you for reading. I think I should share it. I read some of the comments at your blog. But I was more overwhelmed by the note you shared. Sending love and hugs. 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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