Dystopia, my story-a song of regret(video)

Here’s the video for my instrumental song Dystopia.

28 thoughts on “Dystopia, my story-a song of regret(video)

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      1. New place is wonderful. Never been happier.
        Struggling with my blurre vision, but I am finding creative ways to get around it when I blog read.

        Hope you are well. I see you are still full of creativity.

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      2. We have something in common. Trying to find ways
        Im doing well. Creativity, hah… this is just another way to express myself. Thank you. Talking to you like this brought a smile. 🙂

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  1. Hey, Ankit! This is wonderful!!! Wow. Love seeing Your finished film. This has such incredible imagery. Your music fills the heart and is so hauntingly melancholic. Your images are mythological in scope….so deep. Felt like an emotional itch I couldn’t scratch. I watched it twice. You made my heart ache and completely kept me engaged both times. Truly beautiful. SO FUN to watch Your film making grow. Thank You for this!!! Sending the most ocean breezy coolest hugs I can imagine Your way!!! 🤗🌀🍉🌊😊

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    1. wow, thank you for letting me know, totally aware what music can do and make you feel but to hear of such potential of my music, this is priceless. Thank you for this wonderful gift Katy. Wishing you a cool day. 🙂 🙂

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      1. My absolute pleasure, Ankit!!! 💖 And Thanks for the cool wishes! shooting them right back Your way and adding a touch of dry! 🤗🌀☀️💖😊

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    1. Hiiii Katy, it is so nice of you, made me so happy, thank you for remembering me. I think of you too. Finally I have a break, this is our holiday season. I’m here on the terrace observing the moon, the clouds where it hides. The moon is playing hide and seek. Contemplating life, it is so fun. How are you dear Katy? I missed you so much. Again, I’m so happy that you left a comment here telling me that you were thinking of me. I’m supper happyy… Yay. I wish you a wonderful bright sunny day.

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      1. Heeeyyyy! YAY! I’m loving the vision of You on a break, sitting watching the moon. This is all so beautiful!!! And I’m loving that You’re happy and doing well! Yay again!!! All is well here too! Painting my brains out and doing my fair share of moon watching! Thanks for the sunny day wish! Success!!! Sending You huge hugs! Rock on and Happy Holidays!!! 🤗🌟❤️😊🌙

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      2. Hey, I did not post the comment, thought I had, anyway my break is over. I had a great holiday season. During this time I travelled to places and then took many timelapse videos. I will get back to you soon. Have a good day dear Katy.

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      3. Hey Ankit! How funny! Life’s revolving door….You walk back in while I’m dodging out! 😄We are fine, thank You!!! I finally have much time to paint and write and feel like emerging myself deeply. Somewhere along the line I fell way behind in blogland; RE visiting people’s sites and it was becoming a guilt-ridden panicked race to get everywhere but I really like to look at/read people’s posts…so it takes a while. Funny thing is that everyone’s busy and I doubt anyone cares….but it was stressing me out greatly so I decided just to step out for a few months and come back later when it’s simply fun again!!! I hope You are well! Was so happy You took some time and enjoyed Yourself! The image of You sitting looking up at the moon still makes me smile big! Sending huge hugs Your way!!! 🤗❤️🦋🌟😊

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      4. Hi Katy, took a while to get back to you. I had a very busy week, now I can relax. Hope you are enjoying yourself, taking time off to paint and write. I wonder what you are writinng. a novel? Poetry? My boss and I had similar topic to discuss, I create blog posts and media content for my organisation, most of the time I’m independent, I decide what content I create, he said nobody cares what you deliver until you fail to deliver or fail to meet the deadline. It is so true. I spend most of my time acquiring new skills. Also I’ve been stacking poetries (yet to publish) communicating to yourself through poetries, it feels so good. Opinions matter but not as much as when you connect it with yourself. This is what I am right now. I wonder if any of that makes sense to you. Hah, I found a new topic for my poetry. I hope I’ll be able to open it and not discard it like so many yesterdays. Discarded Yesterdays hah. Take care dear Katy, enjoy your time off, write to me or leave a comment anywhere when you can. It makes me so happy talking to you like this. Sending you love. 🙂 🙂


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