Sands of Time


A short piece I composed some time ago.

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  1. Hey Ankit, This is a lovely piece but ended too fast, wish it was longer.
    So good to see you, its been so long…
    And, have you seen the note I had sent to you end of last month? You wouldn’t have, I guess.
    I had gone to Nepal and was at Kathmandu and also at Pokhara. Was thinking of catching up with you in person.

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    1. Hello Neel, this is very unfortunate, Im so sad, just checked my inboc and I found your message on WP’s feedback page. Im so sorry. I was gone I never checked WP during that time. I was involved in a tech challenge and we won the grant.
      Anyway, how was your visit? What did you do in Pokhara? I really love that place. And what other places did you visit?

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      1. I really wished I had your email ID and I could send you a personal note. I thought about you while in Pokhara. Simply loved Pokhara, I had no clue its such a wonderful place. The lovely cafes, the great restaurants, Phewa Lake, etc etc….and being there during Dashain made it even more special. We experienced a beautiful aarti at Phewa lake. Then even experienced the culture of Dashain, though I am no stranger to it as I have seen it in Shillong but experiencing it in Nepal was something else. I plan to write about all those 🙂

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      2. There is so much to do in Pokhara. I can’t get enough of it. I live in Kathmandu. Phewa lake is too big, the other side of lake has is amazing as well, not across the lake. I mean the other part. In future If you visit Nepal again, I would recommend Tilicho, it’s a glacier.

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      3. Wow!…See all of these I didn’t even know. Really missed you this time round. Hopefully I will go again and can explore these places once again. We did ask people, they were recommending boating in the lake, paragliding over the lake, visiting some temples and visiting a waterfall, the name of which I have forgotten now. We did none of these, just walked the streets and shopped , took a boat ride on the lake and enjoyed Nepali Thali for every single meal. On that day (while returning from ABC) the mountains were also covered by clouds. Though we did enjoy good views on our way to ABC but then we had spent only the night at Pokhara.

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      4. (Waterfall) That’s Davis fall, and that is some hundred year old underground Shiva temple, recently excavated. The streets are amazing. I would have recommended you so many interesting places. Only one night in Pokhara? That’s sad. I never get enough of Pokhara. Did you walk around the lake?

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      5. Oh no,…I have missed sooo much! It was two nights actually and 1.5 days. This is really sad. How I wish I could contact you before. Loved walking the streets and the various paraphernalia on display especially the handmade paper and the tea and the silver jewelry. We went to the lake and took a boat ride. Also enjoyed Dashain Aarti at the lake 🙂

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    1. This was an accidental compositon, that day I had promised myself that I would record sth, during my practice session this happened out of nowhere and I ended up completing it. Take it as hiaku of music.

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