Limping dog from Poonhill

Limping in the cold, this little guy wouldn’t stop following me. I couldn’t help, he was probably hungry, he would stop when I stopped, and then follow me again, I had nothing to offer, maybe he just wanted company, whatever the reason may be, it broke my heart. I couldn’t help though I wanted to.

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    1. Me too, posting once or teice every week, browsing posts, receiving and leaving comments. These days I can hardly complete a stanza, but I’ve been writing. I’m so into the realm of video editing other stuffs I left part behind. 😦

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  1. Wow! I am glad to see that you’ve been to Poon Hill and there’s so much snow.
    Mountain dogs are special, they bond easily and you can build a connection so much more easily.
    Well, I am expecting a detailed post on your Poon Hill experience. Hope that will come soon πŸ™‚

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    1. This was my second vist to Poonhill, last time I was there to view the sunset, this time for sunrise.
      Yup, mountain dogs wont give up easily.
      A detailed post?? I wish I could extract every detail and note it down as elegantly as you do. I don’t have that skill. Do you take notes? Just curious.

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