Embrace Winter(You don’t know what it means to me)


Here is my new music embrace winter. Those audiogram waves going up and down are the notes I used. wow! I had no idea, thought they spawned randomly.

If you like my music, please open the link and give it a thumbs up. I would really appreciate that.

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  1. This is lovely, Ankit!!! The snow gently falling over the photo, Your beautiful music and watching the notes dance as You play them. I hope You are well!!! Sending huge hugs Your way. πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ˜Š

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      1. Hey Ankit!!! Right? Crazy times. And wow….I hate that the subject matter even exists but it’s great that You are making awareness videos. I am certain they will be very helpful. We’re fine, thank You. No mandatory quarantine in my immediate area (yet?) but we’re mostly staying home anyway. Are Y’all in quarantine? I hope You and Yours are well and am sending huge hugs Your way!!! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸŒ€πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š

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      2. Same here, no mandatory quarantine yet, and we are staying indoor, i had to go and visit a store so I went to explore a bit and there were so many vichele and people outside. Things change from tomorrow, the government has asked to shut all the unnecessary operations.
        Just saw breaking news, one person tested positive, that’s scary.

        This is unprecedented right? Back in 2015 when we had earthquake it was kinda similar, then we were forced to live outside and now we have to live inside.

        When you get past this tough time it will be the moment to remember, just like my earthquake experience.

        So what have you been upto lstaying indoor, I just did my third video and now I’m free.

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      3. Gosh! Congrats on finishing Your third video! Are those for work or is it just something You’re doing…like a Public Service Announcement?

        Yeah…everything is shutting down here in my area. I’d forgotten about Your earthquake. God. That was awful. Everything does pass though. This will certainly live in everyone’s memories.

        My life hasn’t changed a heck of a lot as we tend to be homebodies anyway! I talk on the phone to friends to touch base. I’ve been doing lots of yard work and going for walks here and there. We live in the middle of the island where there aren’t a lot of people so it’s fine. Digitally painting a bit. I miss going to see my sister in the nursing home. She doesn’t understand what’s going on or why we haven’t been coming to see her, but the lady who is in charge of admissions lets us facetime with her so that’s really sweet. πŸ™‚

        I haven’t been to the store since last week but it IS crazy. It looks worse than when we have hurricane warnings!!! But there is plenty of food left. Just no toilet paper for weeks and no bottled water which seems silly as the power/water isn’t going to go off because of this! So odd.

        Everyone I know is fine though, so far. It’s just begun to creep here. We have 4 cases in our county. Are You and Yours alright?

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      4. Yup it’s public service, but we got paid for one, because another organisation wanted to use it. Just completed the firth video.

        I read a bit about Mary, I did not get the chance to complete it, which I will soon. Reading from the poetry you shared I thought she was one of your beautiful creations. I’ll share my thoughts when I’m done reading.

        So you are on that island already? the one with armalidos?

        Yesterday’s case came out to be negative. But today one lady was tested positive, This is the first case here. We did some shopping, there are plenty of foods in the store, we got everything we went for. There is shortage of hand sanitizer and masks. We won’t be having green veggies I guess,


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      5. That’s fantastic, Ankit! Rock on! I am sure Your videos will be much appreciated. πŸ™‚

        You are sweet to read about Mary. It’s a lot to read. I only wrote it thinking I’d be helping people but I am not certain it will really help anyone at all. People are so very kind though.

        Laughing! Did You mean armadillos? Yes! I was born and raised here. I was gone for 32 years or so but have been back for 8 years. It’s lovely.

        I hope the virus stays low there. Here as well. Lord….hope it slows all over the world. There is a shortage of hand sanitizer and masks here as well. I don’t know anyone who personally bought/owns masks here. Never see anyone in them…but I guess lots of people here bought them and are being encouraged to hand them over to health workers. God bless those people. And no green veggies why? Germs or shortage? The veggies here were the last thing to get wiped out of the store. Too funny. I was thrilled because it’s mostly what I eat. πŸ˜…Take care!!!

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      6. All of the viidoes were well received, now they have asked me to edit daily Corona update videos as well. It has been two weeks, I’ve been working without much break. I’m exhausted but I enjoy doing it so much. Also after we are done with the Corona, I’ll be resigning most probably, I am so confused.

        I did not get the chance to go through it all. I’m sure people will find it helpful. And I will too.

        Yes armadillos, I have only seen them in videos. 32 years, wow!! That’s a big number. Do visit the shore often? Must be refreshjng at times. Talking of shore, I remember a singer from the states I met here in blogland. I don’t remember her name but I remember her song titled ‘born in the water’. She was too kind.

        We have two bottles of sanitizer and some other mask, not the surgical ones. We are in lockdown, it’s a worldwide lockdown. No green veggies because lockdown.

        Don’t know how long will we have to live like this, I hope it gets over soon. You take care dear Katy. Have a good day, stay indoor. πŸ™‚

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      7. Oh wow. Daily videos. I know how much work that all is…it’s A LOT. I bet You ARE exhausted. I’m sorry for Your confusion…..I wish You a quality of ease in Your decisions when all is over.

        Please don’t worry about reading the whole thing about Mary. It’s long-winded and maybe the mental healthcare system in Napal is better. It just is what it is here. Sigh. But she’s fine.

        Armadillos are very funny. We have one living in the yard, we think. He leaves little holes here and there. They don’t hear or see very well and just trundle about. ODD fact: they carry leprosy! How very strange is that. So it’s fine with them about but we never try to touch them! πŸ˜…

        And I KNOW! I’m old! 🀣My sweet man and I laugh about that all the time. I’m 55 and he’s 60. We forget our age often and now and again burst out laughing about it…life is interesting, for sure!!!

        Our island is very small. I think it’s 14 miles long and 7 miles wide? So yes, we see the shore/beach often. Don’t go there as much as we should. The beach has been closed down because of the Corona Virus. LOTS of people were still coming here for Spring break up until a week ago…which was really stupid. Anyway….quiet now. We live in a wooded area next to a river/creek and we walk over there often. It’s quiet and You rarely see people. Maybe the super kind singer from the states will resurface someday. Seems like all of us dive in and out of blogland as time goes along. I bet ‘born in the water’ was lovely. Reminds me of Aphrodite…the Greek goddess who was born in the sea.

        I found out lastnight that Bill’s sweet niece, Angel (and she really IS one!!!) is making masks. Sewing them. She’s got 3 kids and is finding time to sew lots of masks for doctors, hospitals, etc. Crazy nice! Maybe it’s worldwide but we have a truly horrible shortage of masks and protective gear for the medical teams here in America. Lots of private companies are amping up and mass producing them. I was thinking of sewing some as well. Am building a website for a friend right now but when it’s finished I may try my hand at mask making.

        We still have green veggies coming in. They got wiped out/empty shelves for a few days but they are back. Our sweet neighbours have a garden in their back yard and she keeps leaving lettuce on our doorstep. They grow tomatoes and other veggies as well but this year a large deer leapt the fence into their garden and ate everything but the greens! πŸ˜…We got very lucky, neighbor-wise. They are all very lovely. We’d share our greens if Y’all were closer! 😊

        I hope it gets over soon as well, Ankit. Such strange times. You take care as well and don’t work too hard. Take breaks, stay healthy. Sending hugs Your way!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌπŸŒΈπŸŒ€πŸ€—


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