The sin of a misplaced hope

Dust me off your skin Let no traces remain Wash my smell off your mind Wash your hands of this sin Don’t catch my pieces Don’t put me in a frame Don’t string my words Just erase my name There is no one Who loves you more than I do But don’t even give that... Continue Reading →


Time for a change

  I never thought of this thought, which now no longer is only a thought. A thought of that soul, once loved a lot. Soul that left me behind to rot. From my life I’d have its existence cut. A vow, And I shall never forget, So I started nourishing​ this hate. When you had... Continue Reading →


  Trying to forget you, And our love that grew. While my memory so fresh. The smell of you, your black dress. With your hand, that summer rain A clear invitation for my pain. That golden moment, where I was blessed This dark side, who could have guessed? You’re that song, where I lost my... Continue Reading →

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