A lover’s Lullaby

This is me making amends. My poem Acquiesce fragility was a downright insanity.  But since it was raw, I decided not to pull it off. I am expressing my sincere apology through this poem and assuring certain things. 🙂
P.S – She lives on my north.


Coming to you back and forth.
I may stumble but I’m dearly focused on you, my north.

Love shall fill our days, I’ll make it our elixir before we part our ways.
Rejoice, relive and do believe, blessed I shall be with your shadow lingering on my surface.

You stand there, you live amongst the clouds.
I stand here ready to blow my heart with my final breath if it clears your doubts.

Hold on there, hold onto me dear, missing me, should you ever cry,
Read this poem, go through my lines, listen to my song, just like a mother, singing it to her boy. I present to you A lover’s lullaby.

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      1. You’re so generous, Mr. Poet🙂
        I’ll always be here to praise your work, you deserve it!
        Take care, Mr. Poet🙂
        Waiting for your next wonderful creation 🙂🙂

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    1. Hi there, thank you for your offer. I appreciate that. I am humbled. So I’ll be there shortly.
      I’m just curious, what are you? Why would you want me to join?
      I know of sites that allows writers to share their contents, here on WP. I just want to know if you’re similar.


      1. We are similar in a way but we also select an author every month to be the author of the month whose profile is showcased on the home page of our website for entire month.

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    1. I think you shouldn’t be asking me that. Its not about what I like. Its your name. So I’ll leave it there.
      I’m taking Sana for your first and Mahin for your surname. So I’ll go with Sana. Is that okay?


  1. Nice!! ☺

    Our hunt for definitions and meanings are never ending. We always desire to provide something meaningful and yearn for the same.

    We build a fence around us and only look outside it to compare. But don’t realise the treasure we possess within.

    Unveiling such realisations, opening chests of such treasures,
    HemasSphere brings to you 1 of such series. Focus is always on realism.

    To the world where I belong and to me where the world resides.

    Listen; don’t just hear! – is the 1st of the series.

    Would be honoured by your visit and presence on my page and would be appreciate your views.

    I can be followed on
    @hemassphere -Twitter

    Happy reading.

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    1. That was something interesting. You know I do realize and acknowledge the treasure I posses. I had a nice discussion on that topic with a fellow blogger. And I always try to deliver the same. I love that message, we are unique and we are special.
      I’ll be there on your blog asap. Thanks.


      1. HemasSphere published it’s 2nd post today. 2nd of the series. Read it to know more.

        Speak, don’t just talk!


        You will be able to connect to my 1st post too.

        Would be honoured by your visit and presence on my page and would be appreciate your views.

        I can be followed on
        @hemassphere -Twitter

        Happy reading.


  2. That’s real love. To say that she’s your north, is powerful. No matter how lost you may seem, you’ll always know exactly how to find her, day or night.

    What really gets me though is “blow my heart with my final breath if it clears your doubts”. This is amazing. And it says so much. You are willing to die in order to make her see how much you love her. Its real love. Not just infatuation or lust. But true, genuine love. Going to the ends of the earth; that’s when you know it’s real.

    Oh Kit, I think you’ve just inspired a new piece for me to write! Thank you. Lol.

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    1. woooooooow, everytime I read your comment. I get that wonderful feeling. You are amazing. You know you are always spot on with your summary of my poetry. I am so so grateful.
      Thank you my darling. You know I don’t have words to describe this feeling that I get as its result.

      I inspired you, oh really??? Im so glad, keep coming lols. I’ll be waiting. You know I can’t wait to see that. But you take your time. I know you’ll bring an excellent one.
      Thank you for everything. I always appreciate your presence here. 🙂

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  3. Amazing blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Thank you

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