Reincarnate – A collab (with a demo song)


Liquid silver ignites
In a flurry of ice.
She dances in the moonlight
Under the starry night.

But the fire within
Melts her and her sin,
And the rippling water
Slowly devours her.

And as she drowns,
The violin, he crowns.
Cruelty fading at last,
For a piece of the past.

Giving up for he had a hundred ways
This fine day she came at a slower pace
Suffocated void, filling emptiness,
Bringing this simle, killing his deadliness.

Cursive lines closing in on me,
Diana’s light is all I see 

Mutually healing, always the same
Her sweetest call for my name.

Under these skies, there lies nothing new,
Somehow I believe in my strength to carry you.
Take my hands, let’s jump together,
In deepening swirls of feathers.

And the world will glisten
As we sit to listen
Like birds watching explosions
With screaming emotions.

This is a collab done with  SUGAR AND BLACKBERRIES
A beautiful lady with a beautiful soul who has been very supportive to me. She has been a very good friend and helping me with my songs and my art outside of WP.

Also I would like to add a link to a demo I did today on my 420 hour.
It isn’t complete. To me it sounds different now. That strumming on 00.07, Dose it sound a bit different? By different, I don’t mean sounding OFF. I would love to hear your thoughts on that. It would mean so much 🙂


69 thoughts on “Reincarnate – A collab (with a demo song)

Add yours

      1. I couldn’t hear it because of low connection. It gets interrupted. But I did get a gist. It really seems beautiful. Makes me want to play music, which I can’t. Can you give me the link to your YouTube, or wherever you post these? Also, the starry night with the little figure looks beautiful with this musice…. Lonesome….

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      2. Thank you I will carry on with this song then.
        Actually this art was for my other song. But since I didn’t have an extra piece of art. I decided to use it with this one.
        Thank you once again 🙂

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      1. Okay, yo tala bhako demo check gara ta, malai yo strumming halka strange lagyo ki yestai thik cha?? Yehi sodhna lai rakheko ho actually. Yo ajai complete chaina.


  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog! Therefore, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Congratulations!!!. It’s completely optional to take part, but can be a great way to promote you blog.😊😊

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    1. Hi, thank you for enjoying my blog and for nominating me. Actually I have never done awards. But since you have nominated me, I’ll visit you and have my answers there.


    1. I see, thank you Katy, This is just a demo. I will play play play and play with it. Untill I get it right i made some changes. But you can tell me how this is, later when you listen to it.:)
      And I wish you a bright sunny day

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      1. Hey! This song is really cool! I like how there’s all this sweet music that rambles dancing through the cords that always return. Theme reincarnation….like the soul always returning to a body. Peaceful…lovely. Thanks!!! 🙂

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