The first step

Lately, I’ve not been sharing anything on my blog. I had never been this busy, I’m recording music, exploring videography and there is always that music & music production theory along with my job as a content writer. Starting next week, I’ll be teaching keyboard piano and music theory to kids and making videos for my music. I’m not complaining, I’m actually in love with this beautiful mess.

Here is my very first video I made for my organization. The speaker is my boss.
Since the video is in Nepali and English, I dont think the video and its content will be engaging. Regardless, I would appreciate any feedback on production and editing.

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  1. Wow…you are into so many things…
    And that you will be teaching keyboard piano and music theory to kids sounds the best to me.
    Happy to know you are having fun in all the things you are doing.
    This video is good too!
    My good wishes your way for everything.

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  2. ANKIT!!! This is soooooo cool!!! I have to come back and watch it later when Bill is awake…but I am SOOO excited for You and can’t wait! Yay and Cheers to You and all You are doing!!! πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ˜ƒ

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  3. Wow, Ankit! This is a REALLLLLY great video! On so many levels! The room You shot in is cool. Simple. I truly love Your boss’s presence. The way You shot it and the way he speaks IS engaging! It feels genuinely like he is a friend explaining something he’s excited about. Like we are just sitting around having coffee and he’s explaining Blockchain. That he jumps back and forth between languages is really cool and interesting; I didn’t get lost or confused. It helps it feel non-scripted and keeps that salespersony thing at bay for me. Just really cool and interesting!!! Your beautiful music in the background was the perfect level for me as well. Like a stream outside the window. Gentle, lovely but not taking over. Seriously! Well done! If You’re allowed….it would be cool to see simple credits at the end for Your music and film making production and that tells me who Your boss is. But wow! Cheers and Rock on, Talented One!!!! πŸ’–πŸ˜ƒπŸ₯‚

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    1. wow, thank you so much Katy. Thank you for taking the time. I love your review. A question? How did you know the music I used was mine? I will take your advice into consideration. My boss is such a humble guy, he has been very supportive to me, on my work and on things that I love.. Im very happy here. he has an impressive resume, since he is into so many things I’ll just share his Linkden .

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