Promises kept


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It is when you come to my sight,
A mix of feelings inside me collide.
So, I try moving myself left when it takes right.
This is exactly how I run and hide.

It ruptures me open, but I embrace myself avoiding the bad.
I often find myself venturing into the past we had. 
A story of this lady and this lad,
Subtle change of emotions on his face, enough to make her worried and sad.

Its crazy how one moment feels like my rebirth.
Another, I crumble down, down to earth. 
A cease on the span of my comfort.
Such an unwanted mix of events, like white collecting dirt.

A wish to move on but not today.
Every little details about you is what makes me stay.
No hope or any of it left.
But my words given to you must be kept.

25 thoughts on “Promises kept

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        Moving forward, embracing each day
        That moves the memory onward
        To a different time and place

        The girl I was then is not the woman I am now
        And the heart I gave, has stopped with her shouts
        Of acclamations and proclamations
        Of seas of words and discourses heard

        Now silence is wrapped up tight in a ball
        That I pray won’t unravel if I hear your call
        Or If standing bare I see you etch my face
        Was it something deep or something without grace?

        The words mattered but are empty should we
        Let go and let rise our inadequacy
        To love boldly and brave
        And take the hand we thought saved

        This love

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  1. How we cling to the past when we know we gotta move on
    Hacking ourselves every night only, the next morning to be reborn
    This can of worms that we keep opening up, finding ourselves swept
    By those memories we dont need, it’s time to delete those promises kept

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