Melancholic Madness(Remake)

Experimental remake of an older version, added bass and piano.
Artwork credits  GRUMPYGORMAN
Update 1 –  I changed the link, I had uploaded the wrong file yesterday.
Update 2 – After giving it a lot of thoughts, I have considered recording it again fresh. I just remade it, because recording is the most boring process. Now I think I should go through that boring process.

58 thoughts on “Melancholic Madness(Remake)

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      1. I’d like to tweak a few things if possible.. but not if that makes you feel bad about it.. I’d rather you feel good about the collaboration than I get what I solely want

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      2. Unfortunately, I deleted the bass raw files, I mixed it with the song. So now all we can do is boost bass but that will degrade other aspects of the audio. 😦
        Yes my real name is Ankit.

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      3. That;s totally ok. We will make it work. I really like it.. please don’t take it as criticism. About the name, I just wanted to be sure.. I’ve had a few bad online experiences recently.. 😦 Can we chat on hangouts?

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  1. I feel my words will make a mess of your piece, but ~ sigh ~ within a few notes, my body relaxed, a sense of peace filled my Heart-space (specifically). I felt warmed within. I sat back, and felt, you ~ beautifully wrought ~ I heard you after the melody stopped. I longed for more. I sat and breathed ~ In ~ and Out ~

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      1. I wish I could sing well. I can only sing some selected songs. 🙂
        And since you like it I wanted to tell you that I have changed the link, I actually uploaded the wrong one on youtube.:)

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      2. Ah, thank you! I did listen to your Song, again ~ I do believe I’ll have another ~ I think that I can only sing a few Songs, too. But we’re both probably better than we think we are ✨🎶🎵🎶✨!

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      1. I listened to it now and literally liked it even before it started 😀 but it was really soothing and soothing…. Welcome 😀


      2. I saw it directly on YouTube. You mean the 3:36 mins video, right? Cause that’s what I found the latest on your YouTube channel

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  2. It’s beautiful!
    Soothing, relaxing, euphoric, and just that little bit of punch so that one doesn’t fall asleep.
    Really loved it! So sweet and beautiful…….

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  3. I love this, Ankit! It’s so cool seeing Your melancholic mountain looming over it all. Did You make his face more prominent? He’s amazing. And Grumpy Man’s painting is wonderful and about how I’m feeling this morning… that was pretty interesting to see….and then Your music! WOW! My sweet man is asleep, so I put on some headphones and it carried me away. Truly lovely. I liked the little keynote at the end that stops it. Just a plunk. Really cool. Thank You and Cheers!!! 😃🤗

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    1. Hey Katy, I have not done anything to Mr.Melancholic mountain (thats his name now), you gave him a name, I told you how this expression on his face an accident, happy melancholic accident lol. And thank you for listening to MM and leaving this sweet comment. Im thinking of recording it again once I complete my other musical projects. Thank you I really missed you Katy. 🙂

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      1. It will be so fun watching/listening to Your journey with this piece. I missed You as well! I needed to sort out some things with managing my time better, and even considered perhaps not blogging…..but WOW! I missed the tribe of artists: the inspiration and input and communication. You are a wonderful part of all that. It really is helpful being in touch with kindred spirits from all walks of art. Interesting. Time is what it is and we do our best!!! It’s just time, after all. 🤣💖☀️

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