Seance (The beginning)

Taken before time.
Kept under the cloak of constant fear,
My eyes see more than they can bare. 

My artwork for my next track.

35 thoughts on “Seance (The beginning)

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  1. The title is poignant. Beginning of meeting with someone who ended. 🙂
    Lines are beautiful. Certainly your eyes can see more and that’s a blessing. Waiting for the track.!❤️

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  2. First of all I had to google to learn the meaning of Seance – great to learn a new word from your post. And the artwork is nice. You can always come up with such strong and profound lines: My eyes see more than they can bare. Good wishes for your next track.

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    1. Thank you Neel, it is so kind of you to say that. I have learned words and as well as beautiful places from your blog. This was actually an old one, I haven’t been so active, been busy with my musical projects.

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    1. Im sure you will like it the most, I shared my music with one of my friend, I wanted him to see if my bass was good enough, and he told me that it sounds something like a song from A raven that refused to sing. there was that vibe. What a compliment that was. 🙂

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  3. OH WOW. This is like a movie. Your art is sooooo wonderfully eerie and interesting. And Your words…I’m a sci-fi geek and seriously…this whole post was like a mini film. It is heartbreaking, beautiful and intriguing. It feels like a healing passage. I truly look forward to the music that goes with this one. Thank You, Ankit. Sending hugs Your way! 💖


    1. Thank you Katy, thank you so much for this wonderful comment. I feel special lol. 🙂 It is like lamentation and realization, I’ve crossed this phase but sometimes there is that hesitation. And now receiving hugs and sending hugs. 🙂

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