Planet Rogue


I still see you in my darkest night.
Shining there, you look so bright.
A reluctant glimpse, on where I used to stare.
Call me a fugitive of this beautiful glare.

Morning tides, they are here​ to wash you away.
Distant skyline, welcomes your stay.
A sudden feeling of cold into my heart
This being the time where we part.

Residing somewhere in this vast space.
Within me lies my desolate emptiness.
With my broken self I often think of who we are.
I could be your farthest planet, you could be my closest star.

Within cosmic dust, I shall be found.
Always longing to fall for your ground..
Hundreds of thousand years of grace,
I shall finally arrive at your place.


Image credits  kellepics
Special thanks to SouthPawPoet



22 thoughts on “Planet Rogue

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  1. Well, Im surpriseɗ yoս all left the very fuгther finest one for me.?
    Dadԁy stated with a teasing smilе. ?It?s that he despatсhed
    Jesus to die for us annd give us life without end and eᴠer and that Ԁuue toо thɑt we will be a famіly inn heaven foor tems of millions
    of yeaгs. That?s fairly good isnt it?


  2. Incredible. Love knows no bounds. It weighs heavily on us and seems as large and grandiose as the universe.

    I love how you capture that with planets. Its so appropriate. There’s pain here, but also a sense of appreciation. Like “Thank you for allowing me to feel this pleasure even if it ends in pain”.

    But pain only lasts a moment. Happiness can last a life time if you let it.

    This is amazing Kit. Sticking to your true style, we can all feel your wonder.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First off, I appreciate you taking time going through this. I was actually Inspired by a/my fellow poet, SouthPawPoet on Medium.

      I am really satisfied with my work here. I rarely go through writer’s block, its because I write my heart and I am a thinker, I guess it would have been a different scenario, if it was for fiction. Anyway when I do (writer’s block), I take cover under my Planet Rogue. This is special for me.

      Thank you for bringing planets and my style here, I really appreciate my readers coming up with that.

      I am aware, nothing last forever, I am done with my pain here 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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