Time for a change


I never thought of this thought, which now no longer is only a thought.
A thought of that soul, once loved a lot.
Soul that left me behind to rot.
From my life I’d have its existence cut.

A vow, And I shall never forget,
So I started nourishing​ this hate.
When you had no remorse and no regret.
Seeing me drown, you stood there too scared to get wet.

In between of thoughts landing and taking off.
I’m so done, I’ve had enough.
Enough of your plastic love.
A bold decision for my resolve.

Then I realize, maybe this isn’t me.
But baby this is exactly what I must be.
My eyes are begging for the world to see.
From all my sufferings, finally free.

To collect my pieces and beautifully arrange.
I never thought of this thought but now there is the change.

28 thoughts on “Time for a change

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  1. Very well written.
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  2. *Applauds wildly* Standing Ovation!!!!

    Oh wow this was magnificent!!! So much strength in these words. Its good to see you so strong and standing against hurtful emotions. Its like a battle inside and out. Fighting with your inner emotions and for your future to come.


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