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    1. Hey, how have you been?
      Yes I did this. Since I live in the valley. The only thing I could draw back then in my art class was hills, huts and trees.
      I did everything except the boy and the girl.

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      1. I see. I am doing well. I wish I was half as talented as you. 🙂
        I almost forgot. Your comment was marked as spam. You should see if its happening in other places as well.

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  1. Hey!!! I LOVE this!!! How cool!!! I’m soooo happy You’re painting. Seriously cool. They look like a page out of a story! And thank goodness! My thing is fixed so I do get notified! I’m just a couple of days behind!!! Thank You so much and Cheers!!! 🤗😃☀️

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      1. You are welcome Ankit. Also looking forward for more of your youtube videos. Oh I should sub on your channel. Can you give me the link to your channel?

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      2. Hi Graci. I only have one recorded song of mine on youtube. I am not so active on my channel.
        I have this on youtube. I had its demo on my blog. I need to update that it here on my blog but I am not sure. There is always this thing like something is missing. You can tell me your thoughts on this one. And then I’ll see.

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      3. Hi Ankit! I am using my phone right now. I tried to copy paste the link you have me on my browser and it brought me to other videos. I did the same on my youtube app. How about you give me the title of your video exactly as it is and I will search it on youtube. Also please do tell me the name of your channel. 🙂


      4. I will Ankit, once I get into your channel. So I actually type your name on youtube and I saw a few channels which one is yours though?

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    1. Hi. thank you for your concerns. It means a lot. I am doing well. I had some personal things that needed my attention.
      After that I was with Dianna in these hills.. haha just kidding.
      I thank you from my heart.

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