Sands of Time

Hands of time
struck in line
mind wonder,
will you ever be mine?

Rofous nightingale
your voice it seems,
“Hello”, heart’s fly
“Goodbye”, heart’s sigh
worry not, I won’t pry.

Hark! Heart palpitating
skipping in an abnormal beat, pyrosis,
serotonin and dopamine so low,
into entropy, unusual flow.

In an ocean, waves of thought.
Left unchecked sure to rot.
Like anemia, complexion pale
frustration, bitterness and hopelessness prevail.

Cries in vain, refusing to see
Drinking life out of me. 
Trickling of memories, scenes from my past,
like slipping sands in an hourglass.

Will tomorrow be the same drought
to this desert heart?
Bless the oasis you left
which shelters the thirsty souls,
surge of happy memories
etched on the sands of time.

-Graci and Ankit-

A collab I did with Graci, She is all about food, gardening. poetry and photography.
This photo was taken by her. 


33 thoughts on “Sands of Time

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  1. Cries in vain, refusing to see
    Drinking life out of me. <———– Love these lines.

    Will tomorrow be the same drought
    to this desert heart? <———Another great set of lines.

    Bravo to the two of you. Wonderful collab.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I am aware of it. I know you are not only words. I like that the most about you. I am the same in a way. While doing so, some have appreciated, and the wisest have showered me with hate. This one is ironic. You remember my poem Ember right? One fine day I will share it with you. It was my worst WP experience.
        And yes we will be doing more, we already have one other collab. I have been doing collab with one other friend. We have done like 5.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. hahah seriously?? You are asking me that? What have you been drinking lols. Just kidding. I am kinda out of words. She would be very happy to have someone like you on her list. I still dont understand, why would you ask me to follow her……


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